The Auto Show, which traditionally takes place at Heysel, will not be held in 2024. The Board of Directors of the Belgian and Luxembourg Automobile and Cycle Federation (Febiac) has decided not to organize a physical Auto Show next year. This was confirmed by the federation on Friday, according to L’Echo.

Firstly, Febiac has always aimed to offer visitors a high-quality and representative experience. Given that the conditions are not met! The board concluded that it was not appropriate to proceed with the plans for 2024, Febiac said in a statement.

The definitive end of the show?

Firstly, when asked about this, Febiac confirmed the information through its spokesperson Christophe Dubon. “To organize a show, three conditions had to be met. First, public interest, and we noticed during the last show that there was interest. Secondly, favorable sanitary conditions.

Finally, the interest of the exhibitors. And apparently, it was on this last point that it got stuck. This morning, we held a board meeting with all the members of Febiac. And it turned out that there would not be enough brands represented to organize a show in 2024.”

The decision is therefore made: no show next January. “It’s a disappointment because the 2023 show was unanimously praised by Belgian and foreign media. Public attendance was good but not exceptional.”

Although the decision made this morning is final: there will be no show in 2024. “A definitive end? Nothing is finalized,” responds Febiac.

“There will therefore be no physical show. But the brands are free to use this moment to offer their customers conditions similar to those of a show.”

However, according to our information, the decision of D’Ieteren, the importer of brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, and Bugatti, not to participate in the Auto Show dealt a severe blow to the organization.

Because groups such as Stellantis and Renault did not want to be present if a sufficient number of brands were not represented. Last year, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo also decided not to participate in the hundredth edition of the show.

D’Ieteren refuses to confirm its position

Finally, the D’Ieteren group did not wish to confirm this information. “Febiac’s decisions are made collectively. And it is not our goal to reveal everyone’s positions,” commented Jean-Marc Ponteville, spokesperson for D’Ieteren.

“What is important is that Febiac’s decision concerns only 2024. And does not prejudge what will happen in the future.”

To recall, the D’Ieteren group also announced that it would not participate physically in the 2022 Auto Show, before it was eventually canceled for sanitary reasons. However, the group finally agreed to participate in the 100th edition in 2023.

A biker parade will also take place on January 18th!

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Here are some practical information from CPE to whet your appetite while waiting for the doors to open.

Some practical information

The Brussels Expo is located at Place de Belgique / Avenue de Miramar in 1020 Brussels. The entrance fee for adults is €13. For children aged 6 to 12, it is reduced to €7, and entry is completely free for children under 6. PROMO OFFER: the access card for a group of 10 people costs only €80 (This card is not valid on weekends). Online tickets will be available via the website from mid-December.

The show is not reserved only for cars and autos; you will also find pavilions exhibiting station wagons, sedans, light commercial vehicles, coupes, light aviation, bicycles, etc… enough to make both young and old dream… more information here on the various pavilions.

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On the occasion of the Auto Show, many dealers and car brands offer discounts on the catalog purchase price that can reach 20%. Sometimes, it is even unnecessary to go to the Auto Show itself if you already have in mind the vehicle you want to buy. Go directly to your local dealer who will offer the show conditions throughout the duration of the Auto Show.

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Dream cars

Tip: visit the pavilion reserved for dream cars: you will see 50 dream vehicles on display… both kids and adults love it…!

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