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Is your head full of plans? You’d like to buy your own house or have one built? Pay for your wedding or holiday? Buy a brand new car or a second-hand one ? Get a cash reserve to pay outstanding bills?

With Crédit Populaire Européen, you will get an answer to your application within the day. Outstanding credit? We offer refinancing, consolidation and we offer the best conditions on the market.

Call us, we have got the right solution for your needs!

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.

* Conditions of an installment loan governed by the Law of "Book VII of the Code of Economic Law" (Law of 19/04/2014) relating to Consumer Credit (LCC) reserved for individuals. The rate displayed on our simulator is only valid on the basis of two borrowers who own a real estate property, having no credit outstanding at the National Bank of Belgium at the time of the application for credit and whose revenues seizable for each amount to an amount of EUR 1,900 net minimum. If you are not in this condition, the annual percentage rate of charge applied will vary between 6.95% and 13.50% depending on the type of credit and the purpose of the credit. The 180 month term is only applied when the installment loan has a mortgage registration (guarantee). Subject to acceptance of your application for credit and mutual agreement. This calculation is for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer. Collection of information and respect for privacy.