Credit Populaire Europe respects your privacy.

Your satisfaction is our priority. That is why we treat your personal data with the utmost respect. Our commitment is to offer you a professional service, adapted to your needs while respecting and protecting your privacy.

That is why we have established this Privacy Policy in a very meticulous way. We invite you to read it carefully.

1. Who is responsible for processing your data?

The SPRL Crédit populaire européen, whose registered office is established Rue de la paix, 10 B.7030 St-Symphorien.

2. What is the processing of personal data?

It is a set of possible operations on an individual’s personal data. For example, the collection, recording, processing or storage of customer data. As a reminder, the Privacy Policy does not apply to companies but to individuals. The personal data relating to an individual are the data allowing to identify him. The name, first name, date and place of birth, nationality, identification number, address, employer, salary, marital status or any other data relating to the person.

CPE will only use the data necessary for the proper processing and follow-up of your file.

The transmission of personal data by the customer is not compulsory. However, it is very complicated, if not impossible, for SPRL Crédit Populaire Européen to correctly process your request in the absence of data essential to the constitution of a client file.

3. What personal data is processed?

Identification data: last name, first name, date and place of birth, postal address, e-mail address…

Socio-demographic data: family situation, marital status, etc.

Economic data: your salary, your personal and real estate assets, …

Credit payment information: Is your credit being paid regularly? Is it or has it fallen behind?

Data relating to your behavior and browsing habits on the company’s websites: consultation of information, credit simulations, credit applications, etc.

Data concerning our satisfaction surveys

Data collected via cookies: Cookies are an integral part of a site and ensure its proper  functioning. They have multiple roles. They allow us to understand your preferences and desires. They also allow us to collect the necessary data to establish statistics.

The European People’s Credit is limited to the collection of information necessary for the ‘good father’ treatment of your file. We never process sensitive data such as the state of health, ethnic, political, philosophical or religious affiliation of a person or the sexual orientation of an individual.

4. When is your data collected?

Data is collected when you contact one of our agencies. When you answer our questions by phone, email or mail. When you participate in one of our surveys. Or when you fill in certain fields on our sites.

Data processing is sometimes automated:

The automation allows to accept or refuse a credit based on an algorithm. The relevant criteria are:

  • The age of an individual.
  • The personal context of an individual.
  • The professional context of an individual. For example, job stability, present and future income, the quality of an employer, …
  • The amount, duration and purpose of the credit requested
  • Guarantees given by the applicant.
  • Charges paid by the applicant.
  • The candidate’s credit history.

5. What does CPE use your data for?

To build a relevant and sufficient client file for the risk study.

To best meet your needs by offering you the best adapted products.

To establish a credit or insurance contract and ensure its proper execution.

For the safety of people and property.

To carry out satisfaction surveys.

To conduct statistical studies

For optimal management of the risk of litigation or fraud.

To comply with laws and other obligations such as the prevention of money laundering, fraud

and terrorist financing.

To respond to any justified request from the judicial or supervisory authorities.

6. The legal basis for data processing?

The European Data Protection Regulation protects the personal data of an individual. We are

only talking about natural persons, not legal persons.

7. To whom may your data be transferred?

Confidentiality is a must.

The European Credit Union processes your personal data only with your consent. Always

with a view to meeting your needs as best as possible. We study your file, we submit it to one

or more lending partners, we submit a pre-contractual offer and then a contract. We do all this

in compliance with the legislation in force and while protecting your privacy. Under no

circumstances will your data be passed on to a person or organization that does not interfere

in this process. For example, our company would never give or sell your personal data to a

marketing company.

Customer data is stored in our CLIP management software or in the management programs of

our partners. They are used exclusively for your loan and insurance applications.

Your data may therefore be processed by one or more of our partners below:

Consumer credit


Bpost Bank/Krefima:

Record Credits:


Alpha Credit :

Cofidis :

Mortgage loan


Bpost Bank/Krefima:


Créafin :

HypoConnect :

Crédimo :

Record Credits:


EB Lease :






Ardenne prévoyante :







NN :







Pricing office:


8. What are your rights and how do you exercise them?

8.1. General right to object to direct marketing

You have the possibility to object to the use of all collected data. Simply contact us directly

by phone, mail or email:

We will delete your data from our database and you will no longer receive any commercial offers.

8.2 Right of access and rectification of data

Of course, you have a permanent right of access to your data. You have the freedom to

question us at your convenience. We will inform you about :

• The type of personal data in our possession.

• The purpose of the data processing.

• the recipients

If your personal data is incomplete or inaccurate, we will modify it with your agreement.

Contact one of our agencies, by phone, by mail or by email:

9. How long will your data be kept?

The length of time we keep the data varies according to the products you request and the

regulations in force (control authorities, accounting legislation, anti-money laundering

legislation, etc.). They are never kept unnecessarily or beyond the time necessary for


Often, your data is kept for 10 years. But for a mortgage loan that can last 10, 15, 20 or even

30 years, some data will remain in our files for 30 years. When you are an insurance client,

the data will be kept as long as you remain insured through our intermediary.

If the customer relationship ends, we generally keep the data for one year for good form.

Unless you advise us otherwise.

10. What happens if the Privacy Policy is changed?

We will inform you of any major changes.

You can also always consult the Privacy Policy on our site

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO), i.e. the person in charge of data protection, remains at

your entire disposal.

11. Complaint.

In case of dissatisfaction or misuse of your data, you have the possibility to file a complaint:

• To the Data Protection Authority, rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels.

• By email at contact(at)

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