Auto-motorcycle liability insurance

In Belgium liability insurance is compulsory !

Our brokers propose you a wide range of insurance products in particular :

  • Liability insurance: it is compulsory in Belgium at the risk of legal proceedings and of important fines. It protects you against damages caused to third parties.
  • Omnium insurance : complete, partial, with or without exemption, as you want.
  • Legal expenses insurance : this insurance takes in charge legal fees or any pursuit in front of the competent police court (at civil and also at criminal courts).
  • Driver insurance : covering physical injury following an accident for which you are at fault.
  • Glass insurance : it covers the breakings of your windscreen, side windows and the rear window of your vehicle.
  • Pay as you drive insurance: you drive little, we can propose you adapted premium insurance according to the number of kilometers that you run over one year.
  • Assistance insurance: Out of order in the middle of nowhere, with this insurance you drive quietly, all your expenses are taken in charge (towing, garage, hotels, etc.).

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* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.