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Credit for works

Your house is getting older, your house sustained some storm damage or you have finally found that old farmhouse that you want to renovate?

The credit for works makes necessary liquid assets available to you for renovation, extension, repairs or home decorating. Tell us about it, we are listening to you in order to look for the credit solution adapted to your needs.

In brief….

Objectives of this credit ?

Depending on your needs and your desire, the credit for works is available in different forms:

  1. Mortgage loan : a credit for works to finance the changing or renovating works.
  2. Credit repurchase : a credit for works to benefit from many advantages by repurchasing your mortgage in order to realize works in your house. In this case, it is a question of refinancing the initial mortgage loan by including the desired works there. So this credit permits to obtain a prime rate (interest rate from 3.95%)..
  3. Installment loan : a credit for works which permits to have rapidly liquid assets with no obligation to provide supporting documents.
  4. Owner credit : credit for works for owners who want to borrow large amounts of money.
  5. Energy credit : a credit for works which permits to realize works for energy saving purposes.
  • Who can subscribe for this credit ?

Anyone who lives in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • Conditions ?

Ideally not to be on BNB record even a refinancing and centralization project may be conceivable.
Permanent contract for one of the borrowers at least and to present the last three payslips.
You must receive income both in Belgium and in Luxembourg.
To have seizable income in Belgium or in Luxembourg.
ID card or valid resident permit.

The CPE assets

  • analyze your case in an individual way.
  • take note of your request on the phone so you don’t need to move around.
  • give you an answer as soon as possible.
  • give you an appointment at our nearest agency.
  • answer your questions without obligation of your part.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.