The bonuses of the Walloon Region

Finding one’s way through the maze of grants and subsidies granted to individuals and companies by the Walloon Region is a challenge. However, they have the merit to exist and can be interesting. Here we will review the most popular aids and bonuses granted by the Region.

In this matter, a main idea: as soon as you have the project to renovate or build your house or to invest in energy saving products, have the good reflex to go and have a look on the website of the Walloon Region or to give them a little call because you could miss a bonus or a help which would relieve your budget.

In addition, we refer you to our blog article: “Overview of the Walloon Region’s mortgage regulations” to complete your information.

There is always one or more bonuses from the Walloon Region or aid for my project: get informed!

Aids & bonuses for individuals

There are essentially three areas where the Walloon Region grants subsidies to individuals: the energy subsidy, obtaining financial aid as a low-income household, and finally the mortgage loan.

  • The energy bonus concerns both the construction and the renovation of your home and covers the following areas: financial aid to carry out an energy audit, to insulate your home, to carry out work related to your heating system, to renovate your sanitary installations.
  • The financial aid for low-income households concerns the investment aid and the social fund for heating oil or diesel.
  • Finally, the mortgage loan concerns the Walloon social mortgage credit and the loan from the housing fund for large families in Wallonia.

Aid and bonuses for companies, the self-employed and the liberal professions

The aids and bonuses granted by the Walloon Region to companies, the self-employed and the liberal professions are

  • energy bonuses (renovation or construction);
  • aid for investment in renewable energies;
  • energy studies and audits;
  • tax deductions for energy-saving investments in companies;
  • research and development;
  • loans for innovative companies

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.