Home insurance

Home insurance, an essential protection !

In Belgium, you cannot subscribe for a mortgage loan without subscribing for a fire insurance. Be that as it may, once your property paid off, it is essential to remain being insured against risks which could affect your house.

We propose you a wide range insurance products, in particular :

  • Fire insurance : this insurance covers your home and/or its contents against fire, explosion, implosion…
  • Theft insurance :  permits you to protect your home in case of theft, attempt of theft or act of vandalism.
  • Water damage insurance: this guarantee covers water leak cases (break of domestic pipe, infiltration,..).
  • Natural disaster insurance : this protection insures you against the damages caused in your house in case of storm, of hail, of lightning…
  • Guarantee against electric damages: this one covers your house for damages caused by short circuit, lightning…
  • Building third-party insurance: covers you against the damage which your house could cause to third parties or to their properties.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.