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Self-employed credit and liberal professions

Are you self-employed or a professional? Our company is one of the few to grant loans to self-employed and liberal professions in Belgium and Luxembourg. You need to have been active for 3 years and not have any arrears of social security or VAT. Find out more about the self-employed and liberal professions credit.

We work both with self-employed people who work in their own name and in the framework of a commercial company.

You have temporary cash flow difficulties, your order book is full but you are waiting for the payment of some customers or you have made an important investment but the financial repercussions will only be felt in a few months? We can help you through a difficult period in your business.
You can simulate a personal loan, a credit consolidation, a mortgage loan..

In brief…

What is the purpose of credit consolidation?

Independent credit allows a professional holder to obtain a loan in the form of centralization or acquisition. This financing will be in the form of a mortgage loan

Who can apply for credit consolidation?

Any person domiciled in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Conditions for granting ?

The self-employed person who wants to borrow as a natural person must have a professional activity of at least 3 years and prove his income by producing his last warning extract from the roll. The self-employed who wants to borrow for his commercial company will have to prove the income of his company by producing his warnings extracts from the role or his balance sheets. Financing is done in the form of centralization or acquisition. A Luxembourg resident is limited to real estate acquisitions in Luxembourg. The loan conditions are similar to the mortgage credit

+ of CPE

Finally, our company is one of the few to grant loans to the self-employed and liberal professions.

  • We carry out an in-depth analysis of your file
  • We look together for a solution to your possible difficulties
  • We offer either centralization or acquisition in the form of a mortgage
  • We work with Belgian and Luxembourg residents
  • We can give you an answer in principle within 48 hours
  • We have therefore been active in the freelance market for many years

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.