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Holiday Finance

To relax and have a lovely time in the sun with the family is essential. You haven’t been on holiday for years? You’d like to discover far away places but your budget doesn’t allow it? You’d love to have a holiday in the sun? A skiing trip? Holiday Finance ?

Our company has the right type of holiday finance for your needs. Give us a call and our colleagues will take a look at your application straight away.


What is the purpose of holiday finance

Our company can finance your holidays, your Belgium trip or holiday abroad.  Holiday finance is a loan repayable by instalments, which means that you don’t have to provide receipts for spending the funds as you see fit.  You will benefit from a fixed monthly amount over a term determined in advance.  So you will be able to plan your repayments.  Available from 2,500 Euros without ceiling.  Repayment intervals between 60 and 120 months.  APR between 8.49 and 14.5% depending on your credit record.  For example:  holiday finance of 5,000 Euros repayable in 36 monthly instalments of 161.93 Euros (APR of 10.75% – fixed rate, debtor rate) total to repay: 5,829.48 Euros.

  • Who can take out holiday finance ?

People living in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • Are there any specific conditions for this finance ?

You must show adequate evidence of solvency.
Show us your work contract of undetermined duration and your three last salary slips.
Hold a valid ID card or residence permit for Belgium or Luxembourg.
You must not be blacklisted by the Banque Nationale de Belgique although there are solutions.
You must be working in Belgium or Luxembourg.

The advantages of CPE

  • You do not have to supply expense receipts.
  • You can book your holiday in advance, receive the funds and start the repayments before your departure.
  • You use the funds as you wish (book airline tickets, hotel rooms, car hire etc…).
  • You can stage the repayment instalments up to 120 months if you are a property owner.
  • You benefit from a favourable rate of interest of 8.49% if your credit is good.
  • You will receive our response within 24 hours.
  • Your money is paid into your account within 3 working days.
  • We look for the best market conditions for you.
  • We represent you to our financial partners.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.