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Loan repurchase

Loan repurchase is a specific product which can appear under two formula. The first one is a refinancing of your mortgage loan in order to take advantage of current interest rate which is lower than our initial rate.

The second is the centralization of your installment loans with the aim of reducing the monthly payment while extending the duration of your loan. In this occasion, you can add complement to funds if necessary.

Loan repurchase

  • Objectives of loan repurchase ?

In the case of refinancing your mortgage loan, this credit offers you the opportunity to take advantage of interest rate reduction on the real estate market. In case of centralization, the main objective consists in decreasing your monthly payment while extending the duration of your loan and eventually adding surplus of liquid assets.

  • Loan repurchase options

Installment loan  : we will advise you the centralization of your loans.

Mortgage loan : we will consider a refinancing with the best rate of the market.

  • Who can benefit from a loan repurchase ?

Everyone who has subscribed for one or more credits or loans and who lives in Belgium or in Luxembourg.

  • Conditions to benefit from a loan repurchase ?

To have one or more current credits in Belgium or Luxembourg
If you are recorded at the National Bank of Belgium and we will search for a solution together
To perceive income adapted to the wanted loan
This credit is opened to independants.

CPE assets

Our colleagues :

  • study the conditions of your current credits (duration, rate, guarantee, etc…).
  • listen to your request and survey with you your new project.
  • find the credit which will permit you to benefit from a more interesting interest rate.
  • can suggest to the independents short of funds, the most adapted solution to their needs.
  • send your money within the three days after the acceptance of your loan repurchase.
  • advise you in order to solve temporary payment difficulties.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.