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    Calculation of the legal fees of a standard credit

    These calculations are indicative. They are based on a simplified formula. Other numerous elements can influence the result. Contact your solicitor for more information.
    Few words to explain the cost calculation for a mortgage: you can indicate only the amount of the credit in first fields, the simulator will make the rest.

    • The main amount of the mortgage loan corresponds to the borrowed sum
    • Accessories are a lump sum which the lending body plans to cover itself from expenses in case of non-payment.
    • The registration fees are a tax linked to the recording of real estate sale
    • The mortgage registration fee is also a tax paid by the solicitor which corresponds to 0,3 % of credit amount + accessories.
    • Notary fees are fixed by Royal Order and are the same for all solicitors

    The amount of legal charges , registration fees and notary’s fees are statutory. The solicitor calculates them according to the sale price of the real property. These charges are collected by the solicitor who will pay them to the concerned tax authorities. It is necessary to note that these charges vary as the good is located in Wallonia, in Flanders or in Brussels.

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