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Credit consolidation

You have several current credits with different interlocutors? Why do not consolidate your debts within the European Popular Credit.

This solution can allow you to relieve your expenses, to find a single contact person, to simplify your administrative management and thus to restart on a simplified and healthy basis

Objectives of debts consolidation ?

The debts consolidation can appear under two types. A consolidation of mortgage loans or a consolidation of installment loans (Example : centralization of appropriations opening). The advantages are multiple: decrease of expenses, administrative and financial simplification.

  • Who can subscribe for debts consolidation ?

Everyone who has one or more current debts and who has permanent residence in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • Conditions of granting ?

To have demonstrable incomes in Belgium or in Luxembourg
To supply a real estate guarantee which is proportional in the loan asked in mortgage
To provide an ID card or permanent resident permit in Belgium or in Luxembourg.

The CPE assets

  • We direct you to a mortgage consolidation or to an installment loans consolidation depending to your situation
  • We survey together your project
  • We propose you the best rate of the market considering your situation
  • We give you a decision in principle within 48 hours
  • You have to move around only for the signature of the agreement
  • We take your request and information by phone
  • We answer all your questions about credits.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.