Retirement savings

This insurance is absolutely essential for liberal profession holders and for self-employed. It is deeply advisable for salaried employees of company

Nowadays, welfare benefits decrease furiously including the pensions. The long-term tendency will go to a drastic decrease of welfare benefits.

If you did not pay enough the contribution, you could find yourselves in a catastrophic situation once you retire. Do not wait, you have to inquire and pay the contribution now !

To take advantage of your retirement !

Do not wait too late before saving up for your pension. Indeed, nowadays, retirement pensions inexorably tend to be reduced.

Le Crédit Populaire Européen  advises you in the subscription of a retirement savings which is the most suitable for your savings.

Retirement saving allows you to :

  • Invest your savings safely ;
  • Choose the amount and duration of your investement according to your financial resources ;
  • Determine your final capital ;
  • Benefit from a tax reduction from 30% to 40% ;
  • Take advantage of interesting interest rate ;
  • Ect…

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.