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Home loan

Our company has always the real estate solution that you need: either you want to buy a new house, to renovate an older building or simply to become tenant.

The home loan permits you to buy your house, to make necessary renovation works or to provide you the rental deposit of your flat

In brief…

Objectives of this credit ?

house, the execution of renovation works or the payment of your rental deposit. Depending on whether it is about a mortgage loan or an instalment loan our conditions are different. Therefore, real estate purchase meets the mortgage loan conditions (for example :  interest rate from 3.25% depending on the case) and financing a rental guarantee meets instalment loan criteria (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) from 8.49% and varies according to the duration and the borrowed amount).

  • Who can subscribe for this loan ?

Everyone who lives in Belgium or in Luxembourg.

  • Lending conditions ?

To present us your three last payslips.
Do not be subject of wage garnishment.
At least one of the borrowers should be hired with a permanent employment contract (a duration of six months is preferred).
Not being subject of denunciation at the BNB.
Identity card or valid resident permit in Belgium or Luxembourg.

The CPE assets

  • Our counselors analyze your file in a personalized way.
  • We give you an answer within 24 hours.
  • You move around only at the signature of the contract at our nearest agency.
  • You can introduce your request by phone or via our website.
  • We answer to your questions by phone.
  • You get the funds within the three days following the signature of your instalment loan.

Notary fees

To buy a building has a cost. Firstly, the purchase price of course but added to it, there are registration fees, notary’s fees and legal costs of loan agreement.

Registration fees are taxes that you shall provide to the State once you have to register your notarial deed of sale. The amount of fees are calculated on the basis of the sales price and the cadastral income. They varies also according to the regions. Notary’s fees depend on the property value.

The notary calculated his honorarium on the basis of the property value and the legal costs of loan agreement. Legal costs of loan agreement are related to the necessary amount of loan for the property purchase and are registered in the mortgage office.

In order to help you, the European Popular Credit provides a costs calculator which permits you to have an initial idea of the global costs related to the real estate transaction.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.