Credit life insurance

The essential insurance for all your loans

Credit life insurance is generally an insurance policy imposed by credit institutions when you subscribe for a loan. This type of insurance can be linked to a mortgage loan or to an installment loan. It guarantees the refund of your loan in the event of death.

The credit life insurance policy is generally signed at the same moment as your loan agreement. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid signing such a policy but only in case of small amount of loan and if you present an important solvency on the basis of other guarantees.

Several factors influence the amount of your premium :

  • Your age ;
  • The duration of your loan ;
  • The insured amount ;
  • Your lifestyle ;

We propose you some formulae of credit life insurance :

  • With decreasing capital : this type of premium follows the evolution of your loan. The insured amount decreases according to the repayment of your loan.
  • With constant capital : the premium is going to be determined at the beginning and will be payable on the 2/3 of the loan duration.

Depending on the cover that you chose, your insurance will refund a part of your loan balance or its totality.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.