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Installment loans

If you want to borrow a specific amount with the guarantee of an invariable rate and a fixed term then an installment loan gives you total control of your expenses. You can plan your budget at your own pace.

You know how much you are borrowing and you have a fixed premium that you repay over a prearranged term. Your monthly premium never changes.


What is the purpose of an installment loan ?

You know how much you will have to pay each month when signing your credit agreement. You will enjoy a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan which is set by you in your contract (APR = Annual Percentage Rate).

  • Who can take out an installment loan ?

Anybody residing in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • What are the eligibility conditions ?

To be in possession of an identity card or a residence permit valid in Belgium or Luxembourg.
To have an attachable income in Belgium or Luxembourg.
To have a good credit record although there are solutions for those who don’t.
To be in a position of sufficient solvency.

Benefits of CPE

At Crédit Populaire Européen :

  • You can apply by telephone.
  • You can come and sign your contract in Arlon, Brussels, Mons or Esch-sur-Alzette.
  • We can arrange a meeting with you after office hours.
  • We speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch and French.
  • We can guarantee you the best rates on the market through our special partnerships.
  • You will receive your money by bank transfer within 3 working days.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.