Family third parties liability insurance

Do you have children? Yes you do, so you have to being insured against the mischief of your little cherubs…. Impossible to keep an eye on your children all the time and as soon as you have turned back they are doing something stupid. At home, at school, in the street or at friend’s house: it is a window broken, a bike damaged or quarrel between friends, etc

The Family third parties liability insurance will permit you to take a breath of fresh air !

Insure your family and your children !

Protect your family in case of material and physical damages affecting third parties in your private life.

Family insurance can intervene in numerous fields :

  • It covers everyone who lives under your roof ;
  • Damages that your children can cause ;
  • Damages caused by your pets ;
  • Traffic accidents which you could cause as pedestrians or cyclists ;
  • Etc…

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.