Drogenbos CPE Agency

Located at the heart of your region, the CPE agency in Drogenbos positions itself as a trusted partner to meet all your financing needs. Whether you’re looking for a loan to realize a personal or professional project, CPE supports you at every step of your journey.

With several branches strategically spread out to cover a maximum territory, including in Mons, Arlon, Charleroi, Tournai , Sprimont, Drogenbos, Esch-sur-Alzette & Mersch in Luxembourg, CPE aims to be close to its clients, thereby ensuring accessibility and personalized service.

Choosing the CPE agency closest to you means opting for ease of contact and personalized follow-up.The Online credit simulation offered by CPE allows for a practical and quick initial approach, thus giving you an overview of the financing possibilities suited to your situation without having to travel.

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CPE Drogenbos Agency

Grand’ Route 307, B-1620 Drogenbos
Opening Hours
Tél : (0032) 65 84 02 03 
Business number : 0459.386.654

The Drogenbos branch, located at Grand’ Route 307, B-1620. Exemplifies CPE’s commitment to its clients with flexible opening hours since you can make an appointment at your convenience. Available by phone, we ensure continuous assistance because we respond to the urgency of your loan requests. However, the business number 0459.386.654 is further proof of CPE’s reliability and transparency.

Firstly, the brokers at CPE Drogenbos stand out for their professionalism. Offering a range of credit solutions and credit consolidation options. Whether your project is to renovate your home for better energy efficiency. Acquire a new vehicle, or finance the honeymoon of your dreams, CPE has the right solution for you. The home improvement loan, car loan, or even the wedding loan are just a few examples of the available options.

Finally, by choosing CPE, you ensure a smooth financing journey. The preparation of your loan application is done with ease, guided by experts dedicated to finding the perfect loan for you. CPE commits to providing a quick and effective response, allowing you to realize your projects with peace of mind.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.