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Solar panels credit

Energy costs go through the roof. In the coming years to invest in the insulation of your house or in alternative energies will not be any more a luxury but simply a need to save money on your energy bills.

Even it is true currently that to invest in the insulation of your house or in alternative energies has a cost, this expense should be considered as an investment that you make for the coming years or quite simply an investment that you make for your children.

The installation of solar panels on you roof will permit you to make electricity and heating savings that you will be able to get back after a decade. Unfortunately, allowances granted by Wallon region concerning photovoltaic panel credit were deleted since January 1st, 2012. It is one of the measures of the austerity plan set up by Di Rupo the government.

Objectives of photovoltaic panel credit ?

Photovoltaic panel credit is an instalment loan. You know your monthly payment as soon as you signed your credit contract. You benefit from a fixed interest rate during the term that you have fixed by yourself in the contract. You can borrow from 2.500 € and more. Duration may vary from 24 to120 months.

  • Who can subscribe for this credit ?

Everyone who lives in Belgium and Luxembourg.


  • Lending conditions ?

To have an ID card or valid resident permit in Belgium or Luxembourg.
To have seizable income in Belgium or Luxembourg.
Not be subject to a filing although solutions may exist.
Be able to provide sufficient guarantees of solvency.

At Crédit Populaire Européen :

  • You can make your request by phone
  • You can sign your contract at Arlon, Brussels, Mons, Esch-sur-Alzette.
  • We can receive you by appointment after office hours.
  • We speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch and French
  • We guarantee you the best rates on the market because of our privileged partnerships
  • You will receive your money within three days.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.