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Moving with CPE

If you plan to change your home for professional or social reasons or simply because the family has just grown, a move is inevitable. This is an often delicate operation, because you will have to think about storing, dismantling the furniture, taking care of the administrative formalities, finding the best mode of transport while ensuring that all your goods arrive safely. wearing and in excellent condition. Moving is synonymous with a new life and it is important to prepare well in order to leave with peace of mind.

From finding accommodation to moving, the steps to follow are sometimes complicated. No detail should be omitted. The reaction of children, financial, organizational and administrative issues. To make a success of your home change project, follow the guide

I organise…

The administrative formalities

When moving, it is not enough to pack and unpack all your belongings. You must follow certain administrative procedures to make your new address official in the eyes of the law and public bodies. These steps are mandatory, it is your duty as a citizen.

  • From eight days after moving in, whether you change town or not, it is important to go to the town hall to declare your change of residence. If you cannot come, a request by correspondence is possible. In case of delay, you are liable to a fine.
  • In the case of a departure abroad, a declaration to the service of the Ministry of Population of your municipality is mandatory in order to register at the consulate of your destination. In the absence of a press release, a certificate of cancellation is issued. If your absence lasts less than a year, the subscription in your city is maintained and you are only considered as absent.

As a citizen with rights, registration on the electoral list is necessary. You must do this with the town hall of your new city.

The change of address

I’m moving, so I’m changing my address!

Attention, all your administrative papers must undergo this change of address.

  • You should notify your insurer, by correspondence with acknowledgment of receipt, and inform them of your change of address. In this letter, you must specify the terms that change from your old contract to be well covered in the event of a claim and assess your new premium. For example, the number of rooms, the change of means of transport as well as any changes in the goods covered by the insurance.
  • The identity document, passport and registration certificate also require modification. Notify the post office so that your mail does not land at your previous residence. The telephone service must also be informed to relocate your line.
  • For taxes, the postal declaration of the change of address with the tax authorities of your former city must be made one week before the move.

Practical advice

Water and electricity

Being in a house without water and electricity adds to the stress of moving. To better manage your installation, contact the water distributor of the municipality before your arrival. For current, contact the EDF agency in the region for a new contract, to obtain a statement or to install a meter.

The mover

Using a mover is essential to avoid damaging your property and benefit from the service of a professional. This is all the more important if your old or new accommodation is upstairs. The cost usually depends on the distance in kilometers and the quantity of your goods in m3.

The case of children

If moving is a source of tension for adults, for children too! Integration into a new school and society is always a difficult time for them. To adapt to these various changes, parents must take measures:

    • After the move, keeping the same habits is important for the psychological stability of a child.
    • So that it s
    • After the move, keeping the same habits is important for the psychological stability of a child.
    • To familiarize him with the new residence, make at least two visits beforehand. Show him the benefits of this change. Introduce him to the neighborhood kids to put him at ease.
    • Throughout the move, take the time to listen to her and answer her questions about the new home.
    • Design his new room like the old one so he doesn’t feel disoriented.
    • Children take time to assimilate change, it requires patience and understanding.
    • If you move in the middle of a school year, you must notify the school so that it can issue a certificate of cancellation. This makes it easy to enroll them in a new institution.

Moving allowances

During a move, these bonuses constitute financial aid granted by the prefecture or the region. The amount varies from city to city. The conditions for obtaining it are very strict.


Here is a list of tasks to plan for a successful move:

  • Notify your landlord three months before your move to facilitate the search for a new tenant and break the rental contract in the rules.
  • Make an inventory of the damage suffered by the accommodation during your rental in order to declare it to the lessor and to the insurance.
  • Consider a moving and cleaning company if you are overwhelmed with other tasks.
  • Buy, collect or rent boxes to pack your belongings as well as cleaning equipment and garbage bags.
  • Meet your neighbors to speed up the adaptation process.
  • Take advantage of your move to sort your belongings and throw away unnecessary objects and old things.

Just got divorced? Have you been transferred? Are you moving soon? Take the time to choose your new home carefully and take advantage of our credit financing solutions to live your life change with serenity.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.