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Owner credit

You have difficulties to obtain a personal loan ? You have some troubles to refund your current monthly payment? You are eventually recorded at National Bank of Belgium ? You imperatively need some liquid assets.

Our company can try to find a solution with you. If you are the owner the a real estate in Belgium or in Luxembourg, we can consider the owner credit.

Objective of this credit?

Solve your temporary funds shortage by subscribing for a credit guaranteed by mortgage on your own property in Belgium or in Luxembourg. So it is really a question of mortgage loan. This solution is only conceivable for an amount ranged from 25000 euros. For particular conditions, we redirect you to mortgage loan.

  • Who can benefit from this credit ?

Everyone who lives in Belgium or in Luxembourg, who owns a real estate in Belgium or in Luxembourg on which the lending institution can take a conventional mortgage.

  • Which conditions ?

To live in Belgium or in Luxembourg
Available from 25.000 euros
Also opened for independents
To be the owner of a real estate in Belgium or in Luxembourg
To have an ID card or a valid resident permit.

CPE assets

  • Our counselors will study your case in an individual way
  • We will analyze your temporary difficulties in order to find together the adequate solution
  • We can give you an answer within 24 hours
  • We take information by phone so you don’t have to move around
  • You can sign the contract at one of our agencies
  • Our experience and good relationship with partners permit us to defend delicate cases.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.