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Renovation credit

At CPE, the creative one is you. We are there to give your ideas a chance to get realized.

You want to transform your home, you wish to add a pool, to renovate your attic, to transform your kitchen, to extend your house? Renovation credit is the loan product which best meets your requirements.

In brief…

Renovation credit objectives ?

To finance your home renovation works. Example :

– sanitary facilities and heating appliance
– new kitchen, bathroom…
– veranda, pergola, car shelter…
– alarm system, home automation systems…
– new doors and windows, insulation materials…

The renovation credit can be a mortgage loan or an installment loan. The choice will depend on the desired amount of the loan. So for small amounts, we will direct you to the installment loan. On presentation of supporting documents of purchase or an estimate, you will obtain a reduced APRC from 8% depending on the borrowing duration.

  • Who can take out a renovation credit ?

Anyone who wants to borrow in order to renovate his home and who lived in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • Lending conditions ?

– To have an ID card or valid resident permit in Belgium or Luxembourg.
– To be solvent or to provide sufficient guarantees.
– Not to be on BNB record even solutions still exist in mortgage loan.
– To be hired with a permanent employment contract and to have the last three payslips.
– You must be able to prove (with invoice or signed purchase order) that 100% of the borrowed capital are allocated to the purchase of building materials and /or for the works execution even in case of mortgage loan.

CPE assets

  • search the most adequate solution to your budget : mortgage or installment loan..
  • study your solvency and look with you for your best guarantees.
  • defend your case with our financial partners.
  • gather all useful information by phone.
  • give you an appointment for the contract signature at our nearest agency..
  • can give you a simulation, with no obligation on your part, within the hour after your call.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.