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Personal loans

Do you need cash fast? Perhaps you need money to make a specific purchase. A personal loan will suit you perfectly.

This type of credit is not secured against your property. As long as you have the means to repay it you can access these loans.


The aim of this credit ?

This credit does not require any particular proof of purchase.  You can borrow any amount from 2,500 € upwards with varying and much longer repayment periods.  For example:  a loan of 25,000 €, over 120 months, monthly repayment 323.81 € (fixed rate APR = 9.95%), total amount to be repaid 38,857.20 €.

  • Who is eligible for this credit ?

Residents of Belgium.
Résidents au GDL.

  • Conditions of acceptance ?

You must be a homeowner to take out a loan repayable over 84 months or more with a maximum of 120 months.
Ideally you should have no attachment of earnings.
You must present identity papers or a residence permit that’s in order and valid for both countries.
You must show proof of distrainable income.

The advantages of CPE

At Crédit Populaire Européen :

  • We provide the cash you require to meet temporary needs.
  • You get a very fast response;
  • We advocate your case with several financial partners.
  • We offer you the best interest rate.
  • You will receive your cash within 3 days.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.