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Buying, building, or renovating your house for your family’s comfort can be one of the most important moments in your life. Our company will be privileged to partner with you to make this moment a total success.

CPE specializes in real estate credit, most notably mortgage credit at 125%. We can finance not only the purchase price of your home, but also the legal fees.

Our CPE counsellors will find you the best solutions on the market. Mortgage credit can also be the solution to resolve a momentary fiscal problem.

Mortgage Credit

Invest in bricks thanks to CPE’s real estate credit

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Mortgage Loans 125%

Finance both the price of your home and the legal fees

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Down Payment Credit

Finance your down payment when you make the offer

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Housing Credit

Finance the acquisition or rental of your housing.

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Credit for works

Your house is getting older, your house sustained some storm damage.

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Renovation credit

We are there to give your ideas a chance to get realized.

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* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.