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    Mortgage loan

    You wish to acquire your house? You want to buy a plot of land and have built the house of your dreams? You simply envisage to make some renovating works? Take advantage of historically low interest rate on the mortgage market. Our company offers innovative products related to mortgage loan. Contact our specialized brokers.

    In brief…

    Objectives of mortgage loan ?

    To finance the purchase or renovation of your house.
    To secure personal loan or to realize a centralization by conventional registration.
    Mortgage loan is available to you from a minimum demand for 25.000 € (credit for works and others). The duration of one mortgage loan may vary from 10 to 30 years and depend on the borrowed amount. Our rates begin from 3. 5% and vary according to the file analysis.
    Example : First real estate acquisition of 200000 € in 30 years means 1060.11€ monthly payment.

    • Who can subscribe for a mortgage loan ?

    Anyone who lives in Belgium or Luxembourg.

    • Mortgage conditions ?

    PReceive your income in Belgium or Luxembourg.
    Present your last three payslips.
    One of the borrowers must earn seizable income.
    Not to be recorded at the BNB even some solutions exist.
    To borrow jointly for married persons unless matrimonial system of separation of goods.

    The CPE assets

    • You can introduce your request by phone.
    • Our colleagues will make a personalized analysis of your file briefly.
    • We suggest the most adequate rate to your budget.
    • We give you answer to all your questions about mortgage loan.
    • You can sign the contract at our nearest agency.
    • For classic case, we can provide an agreement in principle within 48 hours.

    Notary fees

    To buy a building has a cost. Firstly, the purchase price of course but added to it, there are registration fees, notary’s fees and legal costs of loan agreement.

    Registration fees are taxes that you shall provide to the State once you have to register your notarial deed of sale. The amount of fees is calculated on the basis of the sales price and the cadastral income. They also vary according to the regions.

    The notary’s fees depend on the goods value. The notary calculates his honorarium on the basis of the property value and the legal costs of loan agreement

    Legal costs of loan agreement are related to the necessary amount of loan for the purchase of the property and are registered in the mortgage office.

    In order to help you, the European Popular Credit provides you with a costs calculator which permits you to have an initial idea of the global costs related to the real estate transaction.


    * Warning, borrowing money also costs money.