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Motorbike and scooter Finance

Are you looking for a suitable solution to your mobility problems? Do you live in a large urban area and traffic and parking difficulties are beginning to get you down? According to recent studies, traffic in Belgian cities will increase by nearly 80% in the years up to 2020.

The purchase of a scooter can be rapidly offset through the absence of parking fines. Whether you wish to buy a motorbike or a scooter, we have the right finance for you. Use our simulator to give you an idea in the first instance.


Purpose of this finance ?

You wish to buy a new or used motorbike or scooter.  This will be an instalment purchase.  For a new motorbike, the APR will vary in a range between 4.10 and 6.10%,whereas for a used motorbike, we are legally required to apply the rate of 11.5%.  The repayment period can be between 60 and 84 months.  Example:  purchase of a new motorbike with a value of 8,000 Euros over 48 months, monthly repayments of 183.80 Euros (APR = 4.99%, fixed borrowing rate), total repayable = 8,822.40 Euros.

  • Who can take out motorbike-scooter finance ?

Persons residing in Belgium.
Persons residing in Luxembourg.

  • Qualifying conditions ?

Minimum amount of motorbike-scooter finance: 2,500 Euros.
For a new bike, provide us with the order form.
For a used bike or scooter, you must present a private purchase agreement for the vehicle.
You must not have any ongoing credit disputes, although we can find solutions.
Have an identity card or residence permit valid in Belgium or Luxembourg.


The benefits of CPE

  • We look at the whole of your project.
  • We offer the best interest rates on the market or we match the competition.
  • We can adapt the repayment period to your ability to make payments.
  • We guarantee you total discretion.
  • We give you a same day response.
  • We track the progress of your file.
  • We suggest all alternative solutions in the event of difficulties.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.