Information Collection and Privacy

Our company’s commitment to customer and prospect data

All private and personal data that you enter on our website are fully secured in our customer database.

The processing of personal data therefore respects the law of 8.12.1992 on the protection of privacy.

The Crédit Populaire Européen is committed to :

  • To set up the standards and instructions of safety ensuring the confidentiality of the information which you entrust to us.
  • To ask you only for the personal information necessary for the acceptance of your credit application in order to offer you a very good quality service.
    For example, the online credit form accessible on all our pages (orange insert) will ask you for personal information in order to obtain more quickly and easily the credit you want. It also allows us to validate the feasibility of your project in good conditions. In no case, this information will be used for other activities of our company. You are free to give us the minimum data in this form. Mandatory data are marked with an * next to the input field.
  • Only allow access to your information to employees who have been trained in our company’s privacy procedures.

How do you obtain your information?

You can obtain a copy of your personal information by sending a request by e-mail or by writing to Crédit Populaire Européen at the postal address mentioned below. You can obtain free of charge the written communication of the personal data concerning you, as well as, if necessary, the rectification of those which would be inaccurate, incomplete or not relevant. This request must be accompanied by a copy of your identity card.


For further information and questions

Crédit Populaire Européen
Chaussée du Roi Baudouin 18
B-7030 Mons (St-Symphorien)
Phone : +32 65 84 02 03

Contact : Mr. Jean-Sébastien Scarcez – Manager. Email :

Control authority

Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy NG III, Bd du roi Albert II, 16 1000 Brussels.

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