Crédit Populaire Européen is a credit intermediary, specializing in consumer credit, mortgage credit, insurance and all other alternative solutions linked to the world of credit such as the repurchase or centralization of your current credits for example .

You have decided to take out a loan to finance the acquisition of a new car for example or to renovate your house or quite simply because you need cash for various reasons.

The credit market is very dense and for occasional borrowers, it is not always easy to choose their credit broker among the many possibilities available to them.

At Crédit Populaire we have no shortage of assets to persuade you to join us:

The best rates on the market

We have been active in the credit market since 1996 and maintain close ties with the largest Belgian banks specializing in retail, i.e. credit to individuals. Cet atout nous permet de mettre en concurrence les produits et de choisir pour nos clients le taux d’intérêts le plus attractif du moment.

A wide range of products

You will find with us all the existing credit products on the market: consumer loan, express credit, mortgage credit, owner credit, credit repurchase, credit consolidation, energy credit, etc.

Speed of processing your credit request

Call us in the morning and you will have an answer early in the afternoon. We will then give you an appointment within two days to sign your credit contract. Funds are in your bank account within business days after signing.

We understand you…

With us, there is always an employee who speaks your mother tongue: we speak Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

After-sales service is included

You just need to surf our website to understand that our company is much more than credit. We are at your disposal for any questions or advice related to credit. In addition, beyond your credit, we are competent to find alternatives to your difficulties. Contact us about this.

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