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School exams over, children and their parents are enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation. However, in stores, the shelves are already well stocked with school supplies for the start of the school year and after mid-August the frenzy of purchases will begin in the stationery sections.

Back-to-school costs, all items combined (books, supplies, travel, university tuition, school fees, daycare, holiday course) can reach up to 11.4% of the family budget. At the start of the school year, this share of the budget can even rise to 27.5% of the budget according to calculations noted by the League of Families regarding several typical families.

Cost of going back to school: the annual Crioc study

According to the latest recent Crioc study, the next school year (supplies, clothing, school fees but not school bags) will cost around 436 euros for nursery school, 339 euros for primary school, 609 euros for secondary school and 1,315 euros for higher education.

Crioc looked at the analysis of a typical consumption basket, that of a 6th primary school student. The differences are very significant depending on whether parents and children are tempted by “low price” labels or by fashionable or well-known brands. The differences are very significant depending on whether parents and children are tempted by “low price” labels or by fashionable or well-known brands.

According to the League of Families, tuition fees vary from 171 to 727 euros depending on the type of family, the number of children and their ages. Over the entire year the total cost can also amount to between 270 and 850 euros. Travel costs can rise to amounts of 336 euros per month and 2,568 euros per year.

Tips and tricks for reducing school bills

50% reduction on STIB subscription

The French community covers 50% of the price of school subscriptions for young people aged between 12 and 24. More info here.

Bonuses and scholarships

To relieve your back-to-school budget a little, the Family Allowance Fund pays you around August 10 a fixed bonus which varies according to the age of your children. This bonus has unfortunately been reduced as part of the austerity measures put in place by our government. The amount of your premiums here.

Spread out your purchasesBack to School

More and more schools communicate the list of school purchases at the end of the year in such a way that you can spread out your purchases from July onwards.

Combine your purchases

Some schools organize group purchases of school supplies for parents who sign up on the list. This approach allows you to obtain substantial discounts. Take advantage and participate in these initiatives.

Essential package offered by stores

For a series of essential basic supplies, there is no need to wait for the back-to-school list, some stores offer you supply packages at reduced prices.

Finance the start of the school year with our back-to-school credit

Our credit company provides you with a back-to-school loan at a reduced rate which starts from €2,500. Take advantage of this to spread your spending over time.

Amount APR Duration Prime Total cost
2.500 € 9,95 % 24 months 114,81 € 2.755,44 €

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