Life is often full of unforeseen events: a car accident, one of your children doing something stupid, property work that takes longer than expected or that generates additional costs.  You suddenly have need money quickly. Is this possible and how long will you have to wait to get cash in your bank account?   

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A quick update to the question….

How quickly can I get cash in my bank account?  

Do you need money quickly?  Don’t believe the ads that tell you that you will have your money within 5 minutes…or the same day. You will have to wait a period of three days minimum , to get your money, which in itself is already fast.

How does this happen? 

Very simply. You contact one of our brokers by telephone or you enter your demande online. After collecting all the information, our broker submits your request to one of our financial partners. We can get the principle response within a few hours.

As soon as we have a positive response, we will make an appointment with you in one of our  agencies to give you information about your credit contract and to proceed with the signature. 

We check all of your supporting documents.

As soon as the contract is signed, it is sent back to our financial partners. Like any bank transfer, you will have to wait between 24 and 48 hours  for the money to actually be in your current account.

Is there an amount limit to get money quickly? 

Absolutely not. Everything will depend on your contributory capacity, that is to say the quality of the guarantees you offer. This will take into account the number of credits you have outstanding, the amount of your salary, the quality of your mortgage guarantees free of charges, etc.

What supporting documents do I need to provide? 

When signing the credit contract, our brokers will check: 

  • Your identity card; 
  • Your residence card (for foreigners residing in Luxembourg); 
  • Your last three pay slips; 
  • Your bank account statements into which your salary is paid; 
  • Your property titles; 
  • Credit computer systems make it possible to check whether or not you have outstanding credits and whether repayments are regular. We are informed immediately in the event of a dispute or filing with the National Bank of Belgium.   

Can I receive the money in cash?  

Absolutely not for security reasons. The borrowed money is always paid to you in a bank account.

When should I start repaying the first monthly payment?  

At the latest, one month after signing your credit contract. Your next monthly repayments will always be made before this same date.

Any other questions?  

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