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Revolving credit

Do you need a cash reserve that you can access fast that you repay each month? Revolving credit is the answer.

With this option we make a set amount available to you and you manage it according to your needs. Revolving credit is the ideal way to cover unexpected expenses fast.


The aim of this credit ?

To allow you to deal with unexpected expenses.  For example:  to clear your electricity bills, to cover sudden medical expenses, etc…

  • Who is eligible for revolving credit ?

This type of credit is only available to residents of Belgium.

    Conditions of acceptance ?

  • You must provide proof of sufficient income.
  • You must hold an identity card or residence permit that’s valid in Belgium.
  • You should not have any outstanding credit related disputes.

The advantages of CPE

  • You repay your reserve in accordance with prior agreement so that your reserve gradually builds up as you repay.  Therefore, you don’t need to wait until your reserve is fully repaid before using it again !
  • Early repayment is possible.  You can repay your loan faster by paying more than the minimum monthly payment.
  • You can even repay the entire amount in one single payment.  If you no longer need your reserve but would like to retain the option “just in case”, that’s no problem.  Your reserve remains available, free of charge, until you decide to reuse it.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.