Central Mortgage Credit Office

Central Mortgage Credit Office

The Central Mortgage Credit Office (CMCO) was a credit company specializing in mortgage credit and whose activities were taken over by SA STATER BELGIUM.

On December 29, 2000, STATER BELGIUM was created following an agreement between Stater N.V. of the Netherlands and the Central Mortgage Credit Office (since May 2001 CREDIBE). STATER BELGIUM S.A. has taken over the mortgage credit activities that OCCH carried out for its own account and on behalf of third parties (servicing activity).

These activities include the execution of payment transactions and related ancillary activities. STATER BELGIUM can therefore boast of long-standing expertise in mortgage credit processing. STATER BELGIUM is an important partner for all credit providers in Belgium and can take care of any part of the mortgage process at the request of its servicing clients. If necessary, its intervention can remain completely invisible to consumers.

All STATER services can in fact be provided under the “label” of the credit provider. STATER BELGIUM’s offering makes it possible to respond to an increasingly marked need for specialization in the mortgage market. Lenders are increasingly outsourcing parts of their mortgage process to focus on the commercial side of their business.

This specialization is booming in Europe and Belgium where STATER BELGIUM is undeniably a pioneer. Through its specialized knowledge and experience in the mortgage process, STATER BELGIUM is the ideal partner for all mortgage companies present on the Belgian market or wishing to establish themselves there.

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