About our company

We have 15 years of success in the credit, loans and insurance market.

Crédit Populaire Européen is a small to medium family business founded in 1996 by Applied Economic Sciences graduate Jean-Sébastien Scarcez.

Crédit Populaire Européen are brokers with huge experience in the areas of credit, personal loans, mortgages, finance, refinancing, debt consolidation and insurance.

We also work within the national and international housing market and we offer both private rented accommodation and commercial properties.

We are fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese…

We are employing 8 associates whose skills cover every element of the business and financial sectors: accountants, lawyers, economists, marketing graduates, IT specialists.

The headquarters of CPE is in Mons but we also do a lot of business in Luxembourg Province in Arlon, in the Brussells area and in Luxembourg.

Our credit company is registered at the Registre de Commerce in Mons under the no. 136.238, our company registration number is BCE 0459 386 654 and our registered office is in Mons (Saint-Symphorien).

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.