Our heating oil offer for winter 2012-2013

Last winter was rough and long. Remember negative temperatures which followed us until April. Many Belgians saw their consumption of heating oil exploding. Unfortunately this rough winter was coupled with high increase in fuel prices including heating oil price. Bad news for household finance….

Take advantage of our heating oil loan from now on !

From this October 2012, we launch our heating oil offer. Indeed, we offer you the possibility to finance the purchase of your of heating oil order with heating oil instalment loan. You will have the possibility to borrow with an attractive interest rate from 1.500 € and to pay off your financing over a period which can be extended until 24 months! A financing of 1.500 € represents 1666 liters diesel oil order with the current rate.

Example of financing : Instalment loan of 1.500 € – Annual Percentage Rate of Charge of 9.95% – in 24 months – Monthly payment of 68.88 € which means a total cost of 1653,12€ after 24 months. Therefore, your 24 months financing costs you 153,12 € !

From October 2012 to April 2013 : our company offers you a gift of 25 € gasoline card for any heating oil credit.

Tip : Don’t wait the last minute to place your order because it is well known that the price of the diesel oil increases during winter due to a raising consumption. So, here you are aware !

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.