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Commercial partner

Having a thriving company is the dream of the dynamic entrepreneur that you are. However, you can have the best ideas, the most attractive products, the most interesting price-quality ratio on the market: you won’t increase your turnover until your visibility in the markets is competitive.

These days, investing in advertising is an urgent necessity but particularly costly. The internet tool is present in every hand, in every home, in every company. It is therefore recommended to care about and increase your visibility on the web.

To do this, two possibilities are available to you: paid advertising and organic search engine optimization. It is currently accepted that your ranking will depend on both your direct visibility (users come directly to your website) and, perhaps more importantly, your indirect visibility (users arrive on your website via a foreign website), which will significantly enhance your organic search engine optimization.

Our company offers you a completely free commercial partnership through a link exchange. Our proposal: we open a “Commercial Partnership” section on our website. We will place your logo and your URL link there, along with an article describing your company that you will have previously sent us. Our request: you place a URL link redirecting to our website on your website, along with an article about our company that we will send you beforehand.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.