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Crédit caravane-camping car

Do you dream of discovering new horizons and going off on holiday with your home on your back? Above all, a campervan is the sure way being able to get into the big country, while making substantial savings in terms of accommodation.

Do your calculation and you will see that you will quickly recoup your investment. So, would you like to get yourself a mobile home or a campervan?

We have the product that meets your requirements: campervan finance


Purpose of campervan, caravan finance ?

To enable you to purchase a caravan, campervan or mobile home.  This is an instalment purchase.  Our APR varies between 4.10 and 6.10% for a new vehicle and is 11.5% (legal rate) for a used vehicle, i.e. more than 3 years old.  The repayment period varies from 60 to 84 months.  Example:  new mobile home for 80,000 Euros over 84 months for a monthly repayment of 1,144.16 Euros (APR = 5.49%, fixed borrowing rate), total repayable = 96,109.44 Euros.

  • Who can take out this finance ?

Any individual who is resident in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  • Qualifying conditions for the loan ?

Be resident in Belgium or Luxembourg.
For new vehicles, show us an order form.
For used vehicles, show us a private sale agreement.
Present a satisfactory credit record.
Be up to date with current credit payments.
Have an identity card or residence permit valid in Belgium or Luxembourg.

The benefits of CPE

  • We look at your project as a whole.
  • We try to give you the best interest rate and match any other offer accepted by another organisation.
  • We vary the repayment period depending on your financial means.
  • We can include insurance at a competitive price.
  • You do not start your repayments until your vehicle has been delivered.
  • We track your monthly repayment plan.
  • We advise you on the management of your current loans.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.