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Estate financing

You have recently experienced a death in your family and now need to deal with the inheritance declaration. You realise that you are going to be inheriting a substantial amount of money, or perhaps some property. However, inheritance taxes in Belgium are among the highest in the world.

Some heirs have real difficulty in paying inheritance taxes and may have to resort to selling a property that they would have preferred to keep. We can help you deal with this situation : pay your inheritance taxes thanks to the estate financing of Crédit Populaire Européen.


Purpose of the finance ?

To enable our clients to accept an inheritance without being held back by the resulting fees.  Estate financing gives you the cash to keep your property or take the time to find the buyer who will give you a suitable price without falling into financial hardship.  Estate financing is a loan by instalments. The amount borrowed starts at €2,500 with no upper limit.  The loan is repayable over 30 to 84 months.  The effective annual interest rate varies from 8.49 to 14.5% depending on your credit score. Example: amount borrowed €50,000 with a repayment period of 84 months, effective annual interest rate of 8.49%, fixed rate, monthly payment of €783.71, total repayment amount €65,831.64..

  • Who can take out this financing ?

Financing is available to all persons domiciled in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • What are the conditions ?

Work and receive your earnings in Belgium or Luxembourg;
Provide us with your latest payslip;
Demonstrate satisfactory financial solvency or be the owner of real estate assets;
Have a national identity or residency card valid in Belgium or Luxembourg;
Not be registered at the Belgian National Bank (subject to alternative solutions)

Benefits of CPE

  • You do not need to justify how you spend the loan.
  • We will provide a same-day response and make payment within three working days.
  • Our simplified processes mean that you can apply via the phone.
  • After initial approval from one of our partners, we will give you the time to provide documentation for us to confirm your financial situation.
  • We will monitor the situation closely to ensure that your repayment plan is followed through correctly.

* Warning, borrowing money also costs money.